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2023 Come Follow Me New Testament Study Guide for Kids (physical copy)


This Come Follow Me 2023 New Testament workbook coordinates perfectly with the Come Follow Me New Testament manual for next year! The workbook has two unique pages tailored to each week's lesson, with space to journal about what they are learning, color and doodle, plus two sheets of fun coordinating stickers, four bookmarks to color, the 2023 theme to hang or frame, and coordinating Article of Faith cards! The Come Follow Me journal and Coloring Book are very versatile, so you can use it to enhance your weekly family study or let the kids study on their own. Available in two colors and with or without the optional People of the New Testament Coloring Book.

The coloring book only is also available as an option and will also include the bookmarks and Articles of Faith cards. If purchased as part of the bundle, only one set of bookmarks and Article of Faith cards will be included.

Please Note: THIS IS A BOUND PAPERBACK WORKBOOK THAT SHIPS! If you would prefer a digital download to print at home or in a copy shop you can find it here. It is also available as a digital bundle with both color options here.

The 116 workbook includes:

  • 104 unique activity pages--2 pages to go with each week's lesson
  • A testimony page at the beginning and end lets kids see how their testimony has grown over the year.
  • Reading chart to mark off the books of the New Testament as you progress
  • 2 page lesson schedule that outlines the year

Perfectly coordinates with the Come Follow Me Manual

Each 2-page lesson plan has items to color, questions to answer, and activities to do to enhance the concepts being taught in that lesson. All lesson activities and concepts are taken from the Come Follow Me Manual for Individuals and Families and the Come Follow Me Manual for Primary.

In addition to the workbook itself, you will also get:

  • 2 sheets of fun coordinating stickers
  • 4 fun bookmarks to color
  • A coordinating sheet with the 2023 theme to hang up or frame
  • Article of Faith cards small enough to tuck into scriptures or carry around

The People of the New Testament Coloring Book includes:

  • 48 characters from the New Testament to color and learn about
  • Each person has a journaling page to learn about who they were, what they did, and how learning about them can help us follow the Savior.