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Come Follow Me Lesson Helps

Alma 17-22 I Will Make an Instrument of Thee

Have you ever wondered what the Lord means when He says He will make an instrument of us?  I've been thinking a lot about that this last couple of weeks as I contemplate some life choices that I am being required to make.  Then I watched the David A. Bednar video that talks about religious freedom, and that really added to my study of this week's lesson.

(If you haven't seen the video, I highly recommend it!  You can find it at this link.) You may be tempted to read the transcript, but I'm going to just give you a head's up that the video is definitely worth watching and you will get more from it.

Am I an Instrument in the hands of the Lord?

In the video, Elder Bednar talks about the Covid-19 crisis, and how one of the GOOD things that has come out of it is that we've all been able to slow down and align our priorities.  This is what I have personally been grappling with for a few weeks as I decide where my priorities lie.

Am I using my time the way the Lord would have me use it?  Am I committed to the things of eternity, or am I bogged down in the things of the world?  I definitely know that there are a lot of ways that I can improve, that's for sure.  I find myself binge watching Netflix a little more than I should, scrolling through social media a little longer than I planned, or just otherwise using my time in a way that, I won't say it's wasteful, but I will say that it's trivial.

Grab this weeks challenge cards Alma 17-22

Do I minister to those around me like I should?

I have noticed with the Come Follow Me lessons this year that they all seem to be so RELEVANT to the world around me.  Each week I feel like I can apply what I am learning to what is happening in life in general.

The thing from this lesson that really stood out to me is LOVE.

Ammon went to the Lamanites, not to simply convert them, but he felt genuine distress in his heart for their souls, and wanted to offer them a chance for eternal life.  This is so much more than just "spreading the gospel", it is true and sincere love for God's children.

And then when he got there, he didn't just get on his soapbox and preach.  He served the king, and genuinely loved him.  And then he waited patiently for the right time to share his message.

Can you imagine how different this might have turned out if he hadn't taken the time to serve and love?

I Will Make an Instrument of Thee

I have a really good friend that I love dearly.  She is not a member of the Church, and it has never been a problem for our friendship.  I have known her for many years, and I will admit I have had those moments creep in on me when I feel guilty that I don't try to share the gospel with her.  I don't know if I was too scared, or worried I would somehow damage our friendship, but I just never did it.

That's not to say that she didn't already know I was a member.  We had discussed it, but never anything in depth.

Then one night the two of us went out to dinner.  She asked me a question about the gospel.  It caught me completely by surprise, but luckily, I was able to answer her.

This is when she informed me that she'd been watching for a long time the way my family lived.  She told me she'd been curious, but didn't think she was ready for it.  She told me she loved me and appreciated that we were such good friends despite the fact that she wasn't a member and didn't want to be.

Nothing changed, she didn't miraculously decide to get baptized. We are still good friends. And she told me that night that she would likely one day investigate the Church seriously, and she'd probably join.  

I need to step up my game

I realized as I studied this lesson that I need to get with it and do a better job as a minister.  Having time away from work for the past couple of months, being home with family, realizing that some of the things I thought were important aren't all that important after all.... it has been a gift.

I hope that it has been a gift for you too.

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I Will Make an Instrument of Thee Challenge Cards Alma 17-22

I hope you have a great week of study!  Below are the links for this week's lesson:

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