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Jesus Christ will come to redeem His people lesson helps

Alma 8-12 Jesus Christ Will Come to Redeem His People

The lesson this week truly does teach us an important lesson about how Jesus Christ will come to redeem His people. Amulek and Zeezrom both are good examples of people that were not going in the path that they should. They were both rebelling against God in their own way. And both were able to find their correct way when confronted with the true doctrine.

I love the story of Amulek!  Maybe it's because I can relate to him in a lot of ways.He was basically a good man who knew the truth but didn't act on it like he knew he should have. It's interesting to note that one very spiritual experience changed Amulek and from that time forward, he was ready to do what the Lord needed him to do. As much as I want to be like Alma, I learn a lot from Amulek.

Jesus Christ Will Come to Redeem His People Challenge Cards

Lessons I learned from Amulek

There are a lot of questions I ask myself during this lesson.  One of the things that I always struggle with when I'm studying the scriptures is that everything feels instantaneous. It feels like everything happens immediately.  I've talked about this before because it has been something I have to keep reminding myself.

Amulek has a vision, is told that a prophet is coming and he needs to feed him. Alma comes, Amulek meets him, takes him home, hears his message, and instantly becomes a great missionary and Alma's companion.

But how long was Amulek wandering around acting lukewarm about the gospel?

How is my commitment level?

The only information we get from Amulek about what his life was like before Amulek clearly knows what the truth is, he's just not all that committed before meeting Alma.  I got thinking about that and wondered about my own commitment. Am I constantly re-deciding to do what I'm supposed to do?

  • Do I KNOW that I am going to church every week?  Or do I have to actively make a decision to do so?
  • Do I automatically pay my tithing every month?  Or do I waffle around about it and sometimes "forget"?
  • Do I actively look for opportunities to minister to others?  Or do I wait to be asked and do it begrudgingly?

In some areas, I'm doing pretty swell.  In others, not so much.  I realize that I can't be one hundred percent committed if I'm constantly re-deciding to do what I should.

Have I experienced the promise of receiving a "greater portion of the word"?

When I think back to the person that I used to be, I remember sometimes feeling inadequate and like it was impossible to understand things.  Clearly, the mysteries of God were being withheld from me, and it was my own doing.

Starting to really study my scriptures has opened my mind to so much more understanding than I used to have.  Keeping a scripture journal has also helped, because it has given me the opportunity to record the impressions I receive and review them later. I still don't understand everything, but daily study has helped me in more ways than I can express.

If you're not yet keeping a scripture journal, I highly recommend it!  I wrote a blog post awhile ago that you can read here:  A Scripture Journal: What it is and why you should be keeping one

Am I ready, like Amulek?

If the Lord were to suddenly call on me to do something hard, am I ready to do so?  In today's world, it seems increasingly likely that we may need to be willing to stand and bear witness of what we know.

I've had the discussion with several people in the past about whether or not I would be courageous enough to stand and proclaim my faith in Christ under threat of death.  I hope that I would be, but until I am faced with it, it's impossible to know.

The only thing I can be sure of is that I need to be vigilant in strengthening my testimony and faith, every single day.  I have learned from watching many around me how easily it can slip away if I'm not constantly continuing to work on it.

Jesus Christ Will Come to Redeem His People Challenge Cards

This week's challenge cards have some great activities on them for this lesson!  I hope you'll grab those at the link above!  If you choose to sign up for the newsletter, I send them out for each week's lesson on Sunday night.

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