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The Lord Requireth the Heart and a Willing Mind D&C 64-66

The Lord Requireth the Heart and a Willing Mind Doctrine and Covenants 64-66

Do you ever have those moments when you're studying in the scriptures and the message that Heavenly Father has for you is SO personal and SO apparent that it is completely unmistakable?

That is what happened to me this week as I studied this lesson.  President Eyring's question, "What would God have me do?" struck me hard right as I began with this lesson.  And then I had to ask myself the all important follow up question, am I doing it?

And the answer is clearly NO.  I haven't been doing many of the things that the Lord has inspired me to do for a long time.  I can give a lot of excuses, some of them may even be valid. But when I ask myself, would any of them really pass muster if I am standing in front of the Savior and I offer them up, the answer is also NO.

Come Follow Me Workbook

Be not weary...

The truth is, I have felt a little "weary" in "well-doing".  I have let the adversary take ahold of my thoughts way too often and make me wonder if all the things I am trying to do are worth the effort.  I start viewing myself as a failure, and when that happens I find myself, like Eeyore, asking...

Why bother?

That led to long stretches of Netflix bingeing, afternoon naps, playing games on my phone, eating WAY too much junk, and I even spent an inordinate amount of time learning a language I may never have the opportunity to speak (although it will help with my family history, so there's that. And it was pretty fun, and at least educational.  I'm not sure a binge run through the Great British Baking Show for the third time had much value to my personal development, but I'll keep you posted.)

I abandoned my blog, my scrapbook, my love of reading good books, and my weekly steps dwindled down to less than 1000 a day.

I did continue to read my scriptures, but even that was kind of done with minimal effort as I let my scripture journal slide for a cool two months. And I can honestly say that I feel a difference, and it isn't a good difference.

Sometimes we need to a good chastening

And that is why this lesson served as a little bit of a (lovingly) slap in the face.

I LOVE writing these blog posts. 

I LOVE creating printables that might help others with their Come Follow Me study the way they help me.

I LOVE keeping a scripture journal and doing artwork and fancy writing in my scriptures to record my thoughts.

I don't know if the messages that I share help anyone else that reads them, but writing them helps me, and even if I'm the only one that gets something from it, that is good enough.  So I am back, and determined to get it back on track.

Like William McLellin, I have had a lot of questions rolling around in my head, and this week's lesson inspired me to finally ask them.  I'm afraid I had way more than five, but I went ahead and asked.

And the Lord answered.  These sections in the D&C are now covered in notes, doodles, thoughts, and color as I recorded everything I felt and understood as I went through them. And there is nothing on this whole earth that makes me feel as loved as hearing a loving Heavenly Father answer my questions and show how well He really knows me.

If you are struggling even slightly as much as I have been, I hope you will continue to look for the answers you need, and I hope the message He has for you comes through loud and clear!

Lesson Helps and Challenge Cards!

This week has a lot of good stuff to aid in your study!  The Zion Rolls Forth video is a great one, and not just for kids.  There is a lot in it, so it might even be worth watching more than once!  You can grab this week's Challenge Cards over in the shop!

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