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Come Follow Me lesson helps for A Minister and a Witness

A Minister and a Witness -- Come Follow Me Lesson

Welcome to the new Come Follow Me week--A Minister and a Witness.  I'm enjoying learning about Paul, although I have a confession to make. Sometimes I feel really lost. Can you relate? I understand the doctrine, but as for the where, what, who, and all the other stuff surrounding Paul's ministry, I find myself a little lost and in need of a map at times.  I'm in need of another reference book about Paul, and I gave one to my dad for Father's Day this year.  He said it's good but a little like a textbook, so I might keep looking.  If I find something good before next week's post, I'll let you know!

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Happy Pioneer Day!

So I know Pioneer Day has already passed, but in light of this upcoming lesson, it feels appropriate to mention it. The pioneers that crossed the plains to get to Utah and finally find the peace to worship how they wanted to went through an awful lot of persecution before they got here. We talk a lot about the trek across the plains, and we even imitate it with pioneer treks as youth in the church (at least we do here in Utah and I know in many other states as well) but what of the persecution they faced JUST because they wanted to worship and believe differently than others?

Do I Have What it Takes?

When I think about anyone that has had to suffer in the name of their religion, it makes me curious how I would react in a similar situation. Can I be a minister and a witness for the Savior when the chips are down and my life is on the line? I want to say yes, but the truth is, until I'm actually faced with it, I'm not sure how I would react in the face of imminent death.

Being a Minister and a Witness Requires a Firm Testimony

The lesson this week is all about the trials that Paul faced as a minister and a witness for Jesus Christ, and it is amazing to me how much he had to endure! I think that the study I have been doing as a part of Come Follow Me this year has really brought me closer to the Savior, and the closer I get, the more I know Him and the more I feel like I'd be able to handle the adversity that may some day come because I choose to worship the way I do. I'm enjoying learning about Paul, even if I do spend a lot of my time lost about where he is and what he's doing.  This is the most in-depth study of Paul I have ever done. Missing some of the journaling pages for past lessons?  You can grab them in the Resource Library.

A Great Movie that Goes with This Week's Lesson!

If you have never seen the movie Freetown, it is definitely something you should check out this week!  It is a fabulous movie based on a true story of six Liberian missionaries stuck in Monrovia in the middle of a civil war and trying to get out of the country.  This is a great example of honorable men, trying to be a minister and a witness under difficult circumstances and persecution that isn't so far in the past as Paul or the pioneers.  It would make for an excellent Family Night for your Come Follow Me studies. I saw this one in the theater back when it was released and it is truly inspirational. And just a hint--if you have Amazon Prime, it is included, so you can watch for FREE! Enjoy your studies this week! And don't forget to grab your free worksheets that go with this week's lesson by clicking the link below!

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