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Food Storage Planner


This 62 page food storage planner has everything you need to create a food storage plan. Be prepared for an emergency where you are required to shelter in place and have a LIVING food storage plan.

Evaluation sheets allow you to discover where you are now and where to begin. Instruction pages will walk you through each step as you create your own unique lists based on your own household needs. Brainstorming sheets help you create complete lists of everything you need, and then you'll make your master lists!

Your storage plan should include more than just food--you should also plan to store household items, personal items, cleaning and laundry items. Once your master lists are finished, you have ready-made grocery lists to work from to start building and rotating your supplies.

THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD WORKBOOK. No physical items will be shipped! 

The 62-page workbook includes:

  • -Evaluation sheets to determine your shopping/storing habits
  • -Information sheets about how to determine WHAT food you need to be storing for your family (hint: it's not all about wheat, beans and rice)
  • -Menu lists to determine how/what you cook and how your family eats
  • -Ingredients list pages to determine how much/what you need to store
  • -Information sheets on dehydrated vs. freeze dried foods to help you determine what will work for you
  • -Information sheets for household items, personal items, cleaning and laundry supplies
  • -How to build and store medications
  • -Master lists that you can personalize to your unique needs
  • -Information about how to rotate, use, and keep up with your storage
  • -Information about how to store for your pets

This is a downloadable PDF file that is NOT editable. Working through the workbook is easier done by hand, so I did not make it editable for that reason. Your best option would be to print and put it in a binder so it can be worked through as you go. Make as many copies of pages as you need for your personal use only.


This is an instant download digital product, which means you can have access to and print your files as soon as your payment has processed.

I recommend printing from a PDF Reader rather than a browser to prevent printing errors.

I want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your order. Due to the nature of instant-download orders, after your order is placed, refunds cannot be issued. Please contact me if anything is wrong with your files, I want to make sure you are happy with the order!


I hope you're able to use these files to really get your storage in order and get your family prepared for emergencies! With the purchase you are allowed to make enough copies of each page as you need to create and manage your own personal lists. Please do not share the digital files with friends or family members.. If you'd like to share these files with others, please send a link to this listing. Sharing the digital files with others, reselling the digital files in part or in full, or selling the finished product in part or in full is not allowed. Thank you for respecting my hard work creating these fun files!