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Behold My Joy is Full Come Follow Me Lesson Helps

Behold, My Joy is Full 3 Nephi 17-19

Last week, to go with the lesson, I watched the video "My Joy is Full" and loved it.  I could watch that video over and over again because it is so powerful, and it goes so well with these lessons where Christ is visiting the Nephites. 

It's interesting that this lesson is only three chapters, and we have a full two weeks to study them, yet there is so much to learn and know that it is entirely understandable why they chose to schedule it this way.  What better way to study the scriptures leading up to General Conference than to read about the Savior's teachings to the Nephites?

Behold My Joy is Full challenge cards download

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The Blessings of taking the Sacrament

It's been interesting this week to read as Christ introduces the Sacrament to the Nephites.  In addition to that, I read a couple of really great talks (they are linked below) about the importance and the blessings associated with taking the Sacrament each week.  These were especially meaningful to me because of something that happened in my house last Sunday....

The day started out pretty typical for a Sunday.

I got up semi-early like I usually do. 

I turned on Music and the Spoken Word on YouTube like I do every week. (And if you haven't done so, I highly recommend it!  They air it live, but before it starts, there is choir music that goes for about two hours.)

After Music and the Spoken Word ended, I watched a couple of talks and studied my scriptures.

Cooked dinner.  My mother-in-law joined us for dinner, and then we usually play board games together through the evening.

After she was gone, I turned on a nice movie to watch, and afterwards went to bed.

Notice anything missing?  


I honestly don't even know how it happened.  The whole family let the day slide by and none of us remembered.  The #1 most important thing I could do on the Sabbath, and it slipped through my fingers.

I could come up with all kinds of excuses, the main one being that I am so READY to go back to church full time that I can barely stand it.  But really, none of those excuses is good enough.

The Beauty and Importance of the Sacrament

One of the talks I read this week was by John Groberg and it was really a great one.  It's a little older, but the message was so good.  He tells the story of a woman that is going through the repentance process and is in a position to not be able to take the sacrament for a time.

When she is finally at a place in life where she is able, she is so anxious and excited to be able to do so that it brings her to tears.

I haven't ever had a time in my life when I was not "allowed" to take the Sacrament, so I think so many times I take it for granted.  It's just something that I do every week.  But the fact that we forgot it this week and then I read this story combined to teach me an important lesson that I really needed.

"Behold, My Joy is Full"

These words, spoken by the Savior, when He saw the faithfulness of the people that were gathered say so much. After all that He had just endured, I can barely imagine how happy it made Him to see the faith of these people, to know that they loved Him and believed.

It's why I need to be more appreciative of my ability to partake of the Sacrament each week.  It's one of the ways I let the Savior know that I will follow Him, and I am grateful for the gift of His Atonement.

This Week's Challenge Cards and links

If you're not familiar with the Challenge Cards that I send out each week, you can find them for past lessons on my page of free stuff.  Each page of cards has six different things you can do that go with the weekly lessons.  It might be a talk to read, a video to watch, or an activity to do.  There is a page for kids too, so if you need some help as your kids do their scripture study, give them a try!

I send out new Challenge Cards in a weekly email each Sunday night that go with the upcoming lessons, so if you subscribe you'll automatically get them each week.  Then I post links to the resources at the end of the weekly blog post.

You can grab the free download at this link:

Come Follow Me Behold My Joy is Full


Enjoy this week's study!

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