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Come Follow Me Glad Tidings of Great Joy Helaman 13-16

Glad Tidings of Great Joy Helaman 13-16

I love that this week's lesson is titled Glad Tidings of Great Joy!  Even though the message of Samuel the Lamanite starts with a great call to repentance for the Nephites, his message ends on the happy news of Christ's coming.

Glad Tidings of Great Joy Helaman 13-16

The Message of Prophets

One of the talks that goes with this week's lesson is a talk called "God is at the Helm" by M. Russell Ballard.  The lesson mentions it, and it's a great one with a great message.  I love the quote that is used right in the manual:

“Through the centuries, prophets have fulfilled their duty when they have warned people of the dangers before them. The Lord’s Apostles are duty bound to watch, warn, and reach out to help those seeking answers to life’s questions”

Over the past couple of months as we've been struggling through the difficulties that have come along with the pandemic, I've had several conversations with people where we've discussed why it doesn't seem like the prophet has had much to say on the topic.

But then I started the General Conference Challenge.

It's funny how the messages you hear from the prophets changes with hindsight. President Nelson may not be standing on a wall shouting down at us, but he is speaking, and his message is clear.  And as I go looking for his warnings and answers, I am finding them more abundantly.

Following the prophet brings glad tidings of great joy

 I have found that in this time when I have been feeling a lot of distress, listening to the words of our beloved Prophet and Apostles has helped me to find the joy that I needed.

Samuel's call for the Nephites to repent is not much different than the call we hear today to repent.  The message comes not just from the scriptures as we study them, but from our living prophets as well.

I have been asking myself a lot over the last few weeks what I need to repent of, and I've got quite a list.  I figure I better start working on it, because Samuel's other message, that Christ would come, is also very similar to the messages that we hear today.

And it is just a few short weeks before we will be hearing from them again when it's time for the October General Conference!

If you haven't taken part in a General Conference Challenge, it's not too late!  You can read more about what it means on my blog post:

Why You Need to Participate in a General Conference Challenge

 This Week's Challenge Cards

Glad tidings of Great Joy Helaman 13-16

If you have not been getting the Challenge Cards to go with each week's lesson and would like to get them for past lessons, I recently added more to the FREE STUFF section of my website, so you can find them there!  There is a sheet for kids each week too, so it's a great way to bring a little bit of Come Follow Me study into each day.

I also send them out each week on Sunday night before the beginning of the new lesson, so if you'd like to get them, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter!

Have a great week of study!

Here are links to the resources found on the challenge cards this week: 

The Will of God

Samuel the Lamanite (list of events)

God is at the Helm

As Many as I Love I Rebuke and Chasten

The Prophet of God

By Divine Design

Samuel the Lamanite Tells about Jesus Christ (Chapter 40)

Samuel and the Star

The Path to Peace and Joy

Signs of the Times

I am Blessed When I Follow the Prophet



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