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Come Follow Me lesson helps Remember the Lord Helaman 7-12

Remember The Lord Helaman 7-12

The story of Nephi praying on the garden tower, and his plea to those around him to remember the Lord is a story that I tend to forget about.  Compared to the action packed section that comes before it, and the story of Samuel the Lamanite on the wall that comes after it, it just seems to get lost.  At least it does for me.

But is there any message in the scriptures more important than to remember the Lord?  It's so easy to forget Him, especially when we are distracted by so many things around us.

Come Follow Me study helps for Helaman 7-12 Remember the Lord

Building Enduring Faith

One of the messages that I take from this lesson is the idea that miracles do not build faith, at least not the kind of enduring faith that I should have.  I have talked about this before, because sometimes I find it fascinating.

Laman and Lemuel saw miracle after miracle as they journeyed through the wilderness and across the waters, yet still they did not remember the Lord or recognize His hand in their lives.

The people that Nephi preached to from his garden tower also witnessed a sign as he told them of the death of the chief judge.  But for many it did not matter.

There were many early members of the Church that saw miraculous things, including the witnesses of the plates that fell away from the Church later on. 

I hear these stories, and I wonder how it is possible that they could have witnessed such great things and than failed to remember the Lord.

Faith Builds WHEN We Remember the Lord

This last week I got to take a short road trip.  I've been DYING to get away, so my husband and I, along with my sister and her husband, took a trip up to Yellowstone.  Not only did we travel through the park, but we left the park and took some of the scenic byways through Montana and Wyoming as well.

It reminded me of the words of Alma from a few lessons ago, when he said that all things prove there is a God.  I found myself, over and over again, thinking about the miracle of the entire earth, the way it is formed, the plants, the animals, and all the beauty that exists.  I realized that all that I was seeing was a miracle in itself.  How anyone can believe that all of this is just coincidence, I just don't know.

I want to be like Nephi

When I think about Nephi and how he remembered the Lord with "unwearyingness", I know that is how I want to be.  I realize I am too quick to forget, too quick to doubt, too quick to be depressed or lose hope.

If I could remember the Lord at all times, and be quick to do His work like Nephi, I know that my life could be easier and I could experience more joy.  

Pondering Revelation

This last week I have been participating in the General Conference Challenge.  (If you aren't, it's not too late!  Read about why you should and join us here: Why You Need to Participate in a General Conference Challenge)

The timing of this lesson that teaches about the importance of prophets and how they help lead the way back to the Savior seems appropriate for what I have been reading in the conference report.

I have been trying to really ponder on the words of our living prophets and apostles, and it has been amazing how the messages I am getting from their talks now are so different from the messages that I got in April when I listened to conference originally.

I have realized that in times of difficulty how remembering the Lord and following His prophets can help me get through it.  It made me understand the importance of this somewhat small yet very significant story of Nephi on the garden tower.

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps

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Come Follow Me Lesson Helps Helaman 7-12 Remember the Lord

I hope you have a great week of study!

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