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Come Follow Me Lesson Helps The Rock of Our Redeemer Helaman 1-6

The Rock of our Redeemer Helaman 1-6

I don't know why the lesson of Nephi and Lehi and what happens to them in prison isn't a story from the Book of Mormon that stands out to me when I think about favorite stories, but it should.  I love this story so much!  And I love the message that Mormon shares about building our foundation upon the rock of our redeemer, too.  In fact, not so long ago this translated into one of my favorite scripture journal pages.

Come Follow Me The Rock of our Redeemer scripture study helps

Scripture Journal: The Rock of our Redeemer

If you're new to the blog (or my newsletter) you might not know how IN LOVE I am with scripture journaling.  I think it is the fastest and most sure-fire way to find, track, and remember the lessons learned in the scriptures.

You can read my post about scripture journals here:

 A Scripture Journal: What it is and why you should be keeping one

Here is a page I did in my scripture journal quite a while ago, that had to do with this very topic, the Rock of our Redeemer:

The Rock of our Redeemer scripture journal page

(The graphic that I glued onto the page is not mine, I actually got it from my favorite scripture journal website, and you can find that actual printable here.  If you're interested in doing artwork in your scriptures but don't feel like you're very artistic, she has so many fun kits and ideas to help!)

I didn't do this scripture journal page in conjunction with this lesson, it was part of the study I did where I followed President Nelson's challenge to read all the scriptures from the topical guide about the Savior.  But the message is the same.

And just to put in another plug for scripture journals--this page comes to my mind often.  I think the act of putting the page together makes me remember it more often.

Remember, Remember

In Helaman 1-6, Mormon tells us how important it is to REMEMBER more than 15 times, in some form or another.  When you consider how difficult it must have been to engrave on plates, and try to narrow down what he included to what was really important, you can't help but see the importance of each message.

Remembering is important, because it's easy to forget.  Or it's easy to let our memories get washed over with time, and to become complacent in our actions and thoughts.  It's not enough to get a testimony and then assume we will always have it. 

Staying Steadfast

One of the main messages that I got from this lesson is that although right now I am really strong in my scripture study and actively working to grow my testimony, there is still a long road ahead.

I have found myself surrounded by stories of people that have turned their backs on the Church.  In fact, it is the most common topic in emails that I receive from readers, and I appreciate hearing from every one of them.  It reminds me that I am not alone in my grief over family members that have chosen this path.

There were two messages on this topic that I got through my reading this week:

The Lord is merciful and patient as he loves and works to bring His wayward children back home.

It may not happen quickly, but the Lord is working on it in His own time and His own way.  He wants them back even more than I do, and He can work great miracles in people's lives.  It's important to never give up and never let our faith go as we hope and pray for these miracles in the lives of those we love.

My own path requires constant vigilance and care

I need to be consistent in my scripture study, prayer, and personal worship.  I need to nurture my testimony and my relationship with the Savior every single day.  I need to remember that I am building my foundation on the rock of our Redeemer, and never allow myself to get distracted or lazy.

It's why I think Mormon uses the word REMEMBER so much.

I hope you love this lesson and find the important meaning in it to help you in your life.  And if you aren't keeping a scripture journal, I hope you'll give it a try, because it has made a world of difference for me as I study.

If you're interested in a journal that doesn't require artistic abilities, but gives you a great way to record your thoughts and keep track of your revelation, you can check out my Book of Mormon Journals in the shop.  They have a two page spread that corresponds to each week's lesson, with guided questions to answer and places for keeping track of quotes, talks, and other notes you want to take.

Don't forget the Challenge Cards!

Each week I send out two sets of challenge cards that go with the lesson--one set is for kids, the other is for youth/adults.  They are not meant to take the place of your Come Follow Me manual or your lesson and scripture study, but to enhance it with further activities that go along with the lesson.  

Many parents have let me know how much their kids are enjoying the activities and it has helped them try to do a little bit of Come Follow Me each day.  

If you haven't gotten them yet, you can grab this week's at the link below.  Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter so that you get them each week before you start the new week's lesson!

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps The Rock of Our Redeemer

Past lessons challenge cards are available in the shop under FREEBIES.  (I'm a little behind getting them listed, but hopefully will get all caught up soon.)

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