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Where Much is Given Much is Required Come Follow Me

Where Much is Given Much is Required D&C 81-83

Unto whom much is given, much is required.  We hear this a LOT as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The thoughts of everything that I have been given have been rolling around in my brain all week.  I truly have been given much.

For one thing, I was born into the Church and I have never lived without it.  I have had times where I may have been a little less diligent that I should have been, but I've never strayed that far. So I can honestly say I don't know what it's like to not have the gospel in my life.

Where Much is Given Much is Required Doctrine and Covenants printable

But just because I've done it my whole life doesn't make it easy.

I was reading an older talk this week by Boyd K. Packer called "Where Much is Given Much is Required" and he retells a story of a man who was meeting with missionaries but then learned about the law of tithing and immediately stopped the lessons.

A few days later, the Branch President goes and meets with the man.  He asks him if the elders also told him about fast offerings, building funds, welfare programs, being called on to help others in need, and a clergy that sacrifices their time and efforts without pay. And then he says to him, "If you are turned away by a little thing like tithing, it is obvious you are not ready for this Church."

But his parting question was the important part:

Have you ever wondered why people will do all of these things willingly? If you could discover why, you would be within reach of the pearl of great price, which the Lord said the merchant man was willing to sell all that he had that he might obtain it.

So why do we do the things we do willingly?

Another talk I read this week was by Neil Anderson, called Never Leave Him

He said:

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having a witness of His reality not only from the Bible but also from the Book of Mormon; knowing His priesthood has been restored to the earth; having made sacred covenants to follow Him and received the gift of the Holy Ghost; having been endowed with power in His holy temple; and being part of preparing for His glorious return to the earth, we cannot compare what we are to be with those who have not yet received these truths. “Unto whom much is given much is required.”

The blessings that come to me because of the covenants I have made, the truths I have learned, the Priesthood that has blessed my life, and the Spirit that is with me every day remind me that I owe the Lord far more than I can ever repay.  Yes, He requires a lot of me as he asks me to keep His commandments, but it is the least I can do compared with all He has done for me.

And that is my why.

It's the reason I gladly accept and try to do my best with callings.

It's the reason I gladly pay my tithing and fast offerings.

It's the reason I try to keep the Sabbath Day holy, devote time every day to scripture study and pray always.

It's the reason I love and help my neighbors (although I'm sure I could do more and this is an area where I have a lot of room for improvement!)

I love being a part of this beautiful Church of Jesus Christ, and all that it brings into my life. While it seems so many are choosing to walk away, I choose to renew my commitment each day to stay.  Even with all that is required, and even when it's hard.

Doctrine and Covenants Printable scripture study helps




Come Follow Me Challenge Cards and Study Helps

This week I found some of the greatest videos for kids and I can't believe I hadn't seen them before!  They are part of the kids' Challenge Cards, so you can choose to watch one or all of them!  

If you're familiar with the show How It's Made then you'll love these.  These videos are all about how food is grown, made and packaged for the Bishop's Storehouse and even about how it's distributed, and why we do it.  Narrated by kids with a cute storyline, I think you'll love them.  Plus they are all made by the Church! (And I shouldn't say they're just for kids because I thought they were cute and enjoyed them myself.  I even went looking for more!)

How It's Made: Peanut Butter at the Houston Cannery

How It's Made: Bread at Welfare Square

How It's Made: Pasta at the Deseret Mill

How It's Made: Raisins at the Madera Vineyard

How It's Made: Cheese at Welfare Square

How It's Made: Applesauce at Welfare Square 


Pass It On

Endure With Faith

The Poor and Needy

The Prophet Joseph Goes to Missouri Again

Re-Written Revelation?

If You Love Me, Keep My Commandments

Works of God

Building the Kingdom

Rescuing Those in Need

Blessed and Happy Are Those Who Keep the Commandments of God

The Miracle of the Roof

The Law of the Fast: A Personal Responsibility to Care for the Poor and Needy



Thank you so much for insights and commitment to helping us with our understanding of Come Follow Me. It’s much appreciated!

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