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Fun Family Tradition General Conference Crepes

A Fun Family Tradition: Conference Crepes!

One of my favorite things about Fall is the fun family traditions that come with the start of the holiday season.  And that includes the weekend of General Conference!  I just wrote a post about getting kids to pay attention to General Conference and one of the suggestions was to find a way to incorporate some fun family traditions that kids can look forward to when they know Conference time is coming. There are so many fun family traditions when you start looking for them, anything from special Family Home Evenings to games leading up to Conference. A lot of people have a cinnamon roll tradition--I see that one all over the internet, and who doesn't love a great ooey, gooey cinnamon roll?  But several years ago I bought a kitchen appliance that quickly turned into one of my FAVORITES--a crepe maker!

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Our Fun Family Tradition

On Sunday Morning before General Conference starts, our tradition is a crepes bar.  It's easy to make the crepes, and an easy clean up, which are two of the reasons I love this tradition.  Plus they are yummy and versatile! You can have all kinds of fillings and toppings to suit everyone's tastes.

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Want to try some conference crepes?

If you'd like to give this fun family tradition a try, I've got some helpful tips for you to make it successful and easy:

#1 You need a crepe maker

Sure, you can struggle through making crepes the old fashioned way if you want to, but why?  This cordless crepe maker is seriously one of the best, fun kitchen gadgets I've ever purchased!  You pour the batter right in the shallow bowl that comes with it, then dip the crepe maker in it, put it back on the stand to cook for a minute, then the crepe slides right off. No flipping necessary. I can pump out two batches worth of crepes in no time. And it's super easy to clean it when you're done. It's fast, so I make all the crepes quickly and then we all eat together. (Think waffle maker and how long it takes--this is nothing like that.) This is really a clean, easy and fast process!  Here's my crepe maker in action!

crepe maker

#2 Make your crepe batter the night before!

I make my crepe batter in the blender, which is super easy and gets the batter nice and smooth.  This is another reason I love this tradition, it really is pretty minimal work.  But it's also important that you make the batter the night before if at all possible.  This is actually a crucial step for two reasons: For one thing, it is one less thing to do on Sunday morning.  You make it, clean up your blender, and you're done. For another thing, the batter needs time to settle and let go of all the bubbles.  You'll end up with holey crepes if you don't let the batter rest.

#3 Be creative with your flavors

Since the crepes cook so fast, I usually make two different flavors.  My favorite are chocolate and vanilla, just because they go with everything and are the most basic flavors.  But I've also used a recipe for cinnamon crepes before.  This is really just personal preference, and any crepe recipe you already have will work with the crepe maker. And what flavor you decide on will largely depend on whether you want to go with sweet, savory or both.  

Want to try some crepes?

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    #4 Make your filling on Sunday Morning

    If you choose to make the cream filling (I'm going to include the recipe) you'll think it's a good idea to make it the night before, but actually it's not. It only takes a few minutes, and the longer it sits, the more set up it will be. You want it to be smooth and creamy, so it's best to make it right before you're serving it.

    #5 Go sweet!

    General Conference crepes

    You can honestly fill the crepes with anything your family will like!  That's probably my favorite part of this fun family tradition, the ability to customize it.  Here is a list of what I usually bring to the crepe bar: Homemade fruit sauce is one of my favorites!  Put some berries on the stove with some sugar, cornstarch and a little water and let them simmer!
    • Fruit--strawberries, bananas, and peaches are my favorite!
    • Pie filling (they are all good, but the apple is the best!)
    • Nutella or Biscoff Cookie Butter
    • Cream filling and/or Cream Cheese filling
    • Peanut Butter
    • Homemade fruit sauce (I usually opt for blueberry or blackberry)
    • Syrup
    • Powdered Sugar
    • Whipped Cream (the kind in the spray can is awesome)

    Crepes bar

    I'm all about the fruit!  Bananas inside with nutella or this fruit sauce are the best! Some people in my family are minimalists and like just filling and whipped cream.  they are delicious any way to eat them!

    crepes with filling and whipped cream

    #6 Go Savory! 

    Maybe the last thing you want to do is get your kids all hopped up on sugar right before you expect them to sit down and listen to Conference. In that case, you can go with savory toppings and fillings.
    • Bacon Bits
    • Crumbled sausage
    • Scrambled eggs
    • Diced peppers
    • Diced onions
    • Shredded Cheese
    • Hash browns or cubed potatoes
    • Country gravy, Hollandaise sauce, or salsa

    Make this fun family tradition anything you want it to be!

    This really is a fun thing we do every time Conference rolls around and even my adult children still love it.   Starting a fun family tradition that includes breakfast on Sunday morning really can set the tone for General Conference.  It can give you a change to sit down together as a family, maybe review what you heard on Saturday, prepare to listen on Sunday, and just have some fun together.

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