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Book of Mormon Study Companion for kids

Book of Mormon Study Companion for kids

Come Follow Me for the Book of Mormon is fast approaching!  I know as a mother of young children, helping them be able to study the scriptures can be difficult at times, and may even seem like an overwhelming task. A few months ago, the beginnings of an idea started to form, and pretty soon the project had taken on a life of it's own.  And out of it came the Come Follow Me Book of Mormon Study Companion for Kids, and the Come Follow Me People of the Book of Mormon Study Companion for Kids.

Little kids are amazing!

Right now I work in the Primary as the Primary Secretary, and it really is a calling that I love!  I love hearing them singing, and their funny comments are priceless, like when during the final song of the Primary Program and the chorister is holding the picture the wrong way, you hear a squeaky little voice say "Hey, that's upside down."

​Who could not possibly love that?

So this project really was born of the love I have for those sweet Primary children as I watch them growing and learning. They are so eager!

The Book of Mormon Study Companion is born

One of the main goals as I started this project was that I didn't want to overwhelm parents with more stuff to add to their TO DO list as they tried to keep up with their Come Follow Me studies. I wanted this to be something that was simple, so kids could either use it on their own, or parents could incorporate it into their family study.  So both of these Book of Mormon Study Companions are really versatile, and you can make it work for whatever it is you feel your family needs.

Ready to grab your Book of Mormon Study Companion?

Both Study Companions are available in the shop, either individually or as a bundle. Click the link below to check them out!

It all started with a journal

Back with I was an Activity Days leader, we did a project making journals that the girls loved.  I wrote a post about it here if you'd like to take a look.

The girls loved coming to the activities and getting to work on the journal pages at the beginning out of our meeting.  So that was a little bit of where I came up with the idea for this Book of Mormon Study Companion.


Need some ideas to help with family scripture study?  Read Helping Kids Learn the Come Follow Me Lessons

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What's in the Study Companion?

The first book consists 100 unique journaling pages, 2 pages that are specific to each week's lesson.  As the kids read the Book of Mormon for the week, they will have pictures to color or draw, questions to answer, and prompts to help them get the most out of what they are reading. The ideas for the activities were taken directly from the Come Follow Me manual for Individuals and Families and the Come Follow Me manual for Primary.

In addition, there is a reading chart for them to keep track of their reading for the year, a lesson schedule that shows the dates for each lesson, and two different sets of tabs that can be printed as stickers and used however you'd like.

What's in the People of the Book of Mormon Study Companion?

This book is 70 pages, with 35 people from the Book of Mormon to learn about.  On one side is a coloring page, and on the facing page is a journal page for the kids to write about what they learn as they read. The list includes "good guys" and "bad guys" because there is something important we can learn from all of them!  They will answer these questions for each person:

  • Who is [this person]?
  • Retell [this person]'s story in your own words
  • Important things I learn from [this person]
  • Learning about [this person] helps me to follow Jesus by:

Ideas to use the Book of Mormon Study Companion

As I said before, one of the goals as I was creating these Come Follow Me Study Companions was to make things as simple as they could be for parents while creating something fun for the kids. There are so many possibilities, but here are some of the things I had in mind while creating them:

People of the Book of Mormon Companion Nephi

Here's Nephi!


If you have littles, maybe they aren't ready for the journal activities, but that doesn't mean they can't start learning who the people of the Book of Mormon are!  Print just the coloring pages for them.


If you choose to get both books, you can easily mesh them together by adding the people into the workbook where they appear in the Book of Mormon.  This can add another interesting thing to study as you read through and come across these characters.

Both of the study companions are available as a bundle here.


You might choose to print the whole Book of Mormon Study Companion and have it bound with a coil binding, or punch it and put it in a binder all at once.  This is an especially fun idea as it would make a really awesome Christmas gift, or a fun gift to give at the beginning of the year as you introduce the new year and start your Book of Mormon study.

Need some help planning your Come Follow Me study?

Grab this free Come Follow Me Organizer bundle to help you get started!  Includes a weekly family plan and individual study plan as well as a page for meeting notes and more! I'll send it right to your inbox, just click the link!


Maybe you want to have a little more control over how the kids use them and when.  You might decide to print them as you need them weekly and incorporate them into your weekly Family Home Evening or Come Follow Me scripture study time.  This is what we did with the Activity Days journal pages that I talked about in this post.


These DIY journals are super easy to make for just about any age!  The pages of the Book of Mormon Study Companion are full sized, but could easily be scaled down to be glued into a composition book each week as part of your regular scripture study.


If you're a Primary teacher, these pages could easily be used as something the kids could take home to help them keep studying during the week.  Or you could send them home with the pages for the coming lesson to help them better prepare for your lesson to come.  Since many of the discussion questions are taken directly from the Come Follow Me manual for Primary, these will be a really nice supplement to what they are learning in class.


These Book of Mormon Study Companion workbooks are meant to help make scripture study fun for kids without putting pressure on you to do more than you have time to do each week.  I wanted it to be something simple that could just be printed and used, and I wanted it to be something that really did help the kids learn from the Book of Mormon, which is the actual goal of scripture study in the first place.


Both workbooks come in two color schemes, or get both colors and both workbooks in the bundle!  Available right now in my shop!


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