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Continue Ye in My Love

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps: Continue Ye in My Love

I should apologize for being a little slow today getting the Come Follow Me lesson helps posted.  Sometimes I need to take my own time to study in the morning because it's the best time for me. That put me behind by a little bit!

Talks for This Week's Come Follow Me Lesson

This week was a tough one! I read a lot of talks as I was preparing for the lesson and choosing which talks to prepare was rough because I loved them all.  I found five really good ones, so those are available to be sent straight to your email if you'd like them. The link is at the bottom of the post. A few other great talks that I loved that go with this lesson are:

The Holy Ghost as Your Constant Companion by Henry B Eyring

The Great Commandment by Joseph B Wirthlin


Past blog posts that you might like

I've written several posts talking about scripture study; how to start, how to keep going, and tips for making it more meaningful. And of course, the latest post about why you should keep a scripture journal and some helpful tips on how to start.  In case you've missed any of those, here are some links:

12 Tips for Better Scripture Study

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps: What Lack I Yet This blog post specifically has some printables that go with the What Lack I Yet lesson, but also some basic study idea.

Come Follow Me: 5 Ideas To Get You Started (or Keep You Moving)

A Scripture Journal: What Is It and Why You Should Be Keeping One

Additional resources you might enjoy:

I have a listened to a podcast several times that you might like called Stumbling As I Follow. She isn't going to have an episode this week, but if you want to check out her previous episodes they are available on her website.

I've also newly discovered Deseret Bookshelf.  This is a free app that gives you access to a bunch of material through Deseret Book.  I just found it, so I haven't had a real chance to thoroughly investigate it yet, but it's getting good reviews, so I'm hopeful.  I love to listen to talks and podcasts while I'm driving, so if this is your bag, you might want to check it out too!

You can get the journal pages that go with this lesson here

Each week I send out a Come Follow Me newsletter that goes with the current lesson.  I have created the Come Follow Me Challenge Cards that go with each lesson, and there is a set for kids as well!  You can see past challenge cards here in the freebies, and if you'd like to get the new set each week straight to your inbox, sign up below! 


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