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Free SVG files to use with Cricut and Silhouette

Round-up: SVG files to Cut with your Cricut!

The other day I went into my craft room and used my Cricut to make some stickers.  It seems like it's been far too long since I cut anything!  I have a million SVG files to cut with my Cricut, and it is far and away my FAVORITE thing to do, but I've just been busy.  So making those stickers reminded me once again why I love it so much! Maybe you have a different cutting machine, like a Sillhouette or a Pazzle.  I don't know much about those machines because I've never had one, but one of the best things about your run of the mill SVG files is that they will work with any of the machines!  But if you're a paper crafter and you don't have a cutting machine, now is the time!  You will be sorry you waited so long!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on them, I may make a small commission, but it's important to know that I only recommend items that I use myself and LOVE.

You might be asking--Where do you find SVG files?

Cricut used to rely 100% on cartridges, but all that has changed now, and it was the best change Cricut ever made!  Now Cricut has it's own library with TONS of files to choose from, and they have some amazing things there.  But there is no reason to stop there because depending on what you're looking for, there are free files everywhere!  I have seen a lot of lists online for places to get free  SVG files, but those lists seem overwhelming, so I didn't want to create just a big long list. Instead, here is a round-up of my favorite sites to find SVG files and why I love them. And most of them have FREE files for you to download.


You might remember the days of needing cartridges for all your Cricut cutting, but did you know that Cricut actually has a lot of FREE PROJECTS available all the time?  These projects change all the time, so it's a good idea to check back often to see if there is something there that you don't want to miss out on! Click on this link to check out the free projects they have right now.  You'll need to sign in to your Cricut account, or create one (it's free to create) in order to see them.

Creative Fabrica

Every day the folks over at creativefabrica.com have free gifts that you can download.  There is usually a free font, a free graphic, and a free craft.  Plus they have a rotating deal that goes for roughly 10 days where there are about 20 files that you can get for a dollar apiece.  You just want to be aware of what type of file you are downloading.  A graphic is just going to be clipart, so if that's what you're looking for, great.  But if you're looking for a cut file, that is different. Take a look at their Daily Gifts here and feel free to grab them while you're there!

Dreaming Tree

This may very well be the best site out there for paper crafters.  The SVG files that they offer are beyond amazing!  You can get anything from an entire village, to a vase of flowers, or a pop-up card.  Their instructions for cutting their SVG files are also very clear, so I have never had a problem cutting one of their designs.  They do offer some FREE files, so if you want to try one before you purchase anything, you can! Many of their files are going to be more complicated, but they are beautiful when finished! They also have tutorials about using Design Space or Sure Cuts A Lot that are helpful.

My Scrap Chick

I may or may not have purchased nearly every SVG file on her site.  You can find her at myscrapchick.com. The best thing about her files, is that they also come in PDF format, so if you need to cut them by hand, you can do that too.  If you sign up for her newsletter, she sends out a FREE SVG file every Friday!  But you have to be signed up, and you have to remember to grab it.  Once the week is over, it's available for sale but you've missed the chance to get it for free.  She has files from simple to more complex, and I love that you get a picture tutorial with many of the files that shows you how to assemble things.

Scrapbooking a pet? Check out my post about tips for getting the best photos to scrapbook your pet: 5 Great Ideas to Help You Scrapbook Your Pet and grab a free printable list of title ideas too!

Miss Kate Cuttables

If you're a scrapbooker, you'll love Miss Kate Cuttables because she has themes that go with many of the things you're scrapbooking every day!  Her patterns are a little more simple and easy to cut, which is great because it doesn't take a lot of time to put them together.  She offers one free SVG file a week, you just have to stop by her site to download it.  One of my favorite things about her site is her brand new coordinating paper packs.  I ran into her booth at the most recent Scrapbook Expo that I attended, and grabbed a bunch of her packs.  The paper is high quality, and it's single sided.


Lovesvg.com has tons of SVG files, and you can download free files to your heart's content.  I have visited their site on any given day and walked away with a good 30-50 SVG files to cut with my Cricut by the time I'm done.  Their patterns are super simple, and if you're into vinyl and like to do things like shirts or the like, these files are perfect for those types of projects.  There is no catch and nothing to sign up for, you can just download away.

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And Many, Many More...

There are a lot of sites where you can get free SVG files to cut with your Cricut, but rather than giving you an enormous overwhelming list, I decided to really concentrate on these few sites, just because they are my favorite and most often visited.  I'm familiar with their files and how my projects turn out when I use them, so I can honestly recommend anything you get from them. Happy Crafting!

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