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The Lord Had Called Us to Preach the Gospel Come Follow Me lesson helps

The Lord Had Called Us to Preach the Gospel Come Follow Me Lesson

This week's lesson is all about the calling we've ALL received, to preach the Gospel. Considering the many possible ways we have to share and preach the Gospel, I think it's an important message.  My two kids that have served missions would be the first to tell you how important the help of the members is in doing their missionary work.  If we are leaving it up to the missionaries to do the work alone, it's going to be a slower process.

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Sharing the Gospel Message

I have to admit, when it comes to bringing up gospel topics, I'm not very good at it.  I think I have a fear of rejection, or a fear that I will offend people.  It's the last thing I want to do! The talk that goes with this week's lesson is a great one!  I'm going to talk about a few of the things from the talk that I took from it, but I hope you'll take the time to really read it yourself too.

"Missionary work is not just one of the 88 keys on a piano that is occasionally played; it is a major chord in a compelling melody that needs to be played continuously throughout our lives if we are to remain in harmony with our commitment to Christianity and the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Quentin L. Cook

Three Things We Can All Be Doing

President Oaks lists three things in the talk that we should all be doing in our efforts to help preach the Gospel:

Pray for Desire

Everything begins with a desire to do it.  I think I have the desire, but it must not be all that strong in me, because I chicken out if the opportunity every arises.

Keep the Commandments Ourselves

Faithful members will always have the Savior's Spirit with them to guide them in their efforts.  Being obedient is vital to keep His Spirit with us always.

Pray For Inspiration for What WE Can Do

I am super good at praying for the missionaries, but not so great at asking for inspiration about what I can do personally.  A good point he makes is that we need to be committed to following through when the inspiration comes, because it will come.

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Some Other Great Lesson Helps

Here are some other resources you can use as you study this week's lesson:

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I hope these links will help with your study this week!  It's a great lesson and I'm looking forward to continuing with my study this week and hopefully I'll be able to put what I'm learning into practice.

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