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The Word of God Grew and Multiplied Come Follow Me Lesson Helps

The Word of God Grew and Multiplied Come Follow Me Lesson Helps

I hope you're ready for another great week of Come Follow Me studies!  I feel like The Word of God Grew and Multiplied lesson is really a timely lesson for us at this time trying to live the gospel.  I will get to more of that in just a minute.

Have you noticed this trend?

Yesterday I was in a meeting at church with all the Primary Teachers. It was one of those teacher council meetings.  The subject was obviously the teaching of children and the new Come Follow Me program this year.

When talking about class time with the kids and how the teachers felt it was going, one of the teachers mentioned the fact that at the beginning of the year, it seemed like the kids in her class always had comments to make about the topic of the week, but as the year as gone on, they don't seem to be participating as much.

What she was really wondering about is this: Are the kids just naturally growing in to that part of life where they are more afraid to participate? Or does it feel like the Come Follow Me study time at home is not as robust as it was at the beginning of the year?

It's an interesting question, isn't it?


The Word of God Grew and Multiplied Come Follow Me journal pages

Grab the pages that go with the Word of God Grew and Multiplied lesson right here.  

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    Maybe it's time for a mid-year Come Follow Me resolution

    Her question really made me think about my own activity.  Summer months are hard anyway because there is always so much going on.  We go on vacation, we're busy with sports and  holidays that come along.  Plus we all have the added stuff we either love or hate to do but has to be done regardless, like yard work.

    I know that my commitment level to anything is bigger in January than it is the rest of the year.  I'm pretty sure I'm not alone, and if you've ever stepped foot in a gym in January you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

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    The truth is, we all struggle


    If you're finding yourself riding the struggle bus, just remember, there's a reason they call it a bus and not a Mini Cooper.  Because it's big and there's a lot of passengers.  We all get on and off at various times, but the bus is always fully loaded.

    I have a great post with some ideas to help you recommit (or get started, wherever you happen to find yourself.  You can read those tips here:

    Come Follow Me: 5 Ideas to Get you Started.

    An Important Lesson for our time

    One of the best parts of this week's lesson for me was reading about how the Church was changing after the Savior left.  I watch now as changes are made even today and revelation continues to happen, and it's reaffirming to me to know that this is nothing new.  Everything comes, line upon line, precept upon precept, all in the Lord's time.

    Not long after President Nelson became the prophet, he came to our stake for our Stake Conference and it was so great to have him there!  I have been to General Conference before, but this was such a different setting, and being able to hear from him and his wife at that time was really a treat.  It really gave me another opportunity to reaffirm my testimony that he is the prophet for our day.  And that has been helpful for me as he sprints ahead making changes!

    Speaking of General Conference

    Have you ever participated in a General Conference Challenge? You can read all about the reasons you should participate in a General Conference Challenge in my blog post here.

    It's never too late to get started, and you will be so surprised at what you get out of a review of the previous General Conference!

    If you have missed any of the past pages, you can grab them over in my Resource Library.


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