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A Principle With Promise D&C 89-92 Come Follow Me

A Principle With Promise Doctrine and Covenants 89-92

A funny thing happened as I was reading the sections in this lesson.  I got an answer that I didn't know I needed to a question I didn't know I had. It's always funny when the Spirit works that way.  Section 89 really is a principle with a promise, and I learned that this week.
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May Christ Lift Thee Up Moroni 7-9 Lesson Helps

May Christ Lift Thee Up Moroni 7-9

I read an article as part of my weekly study this week about faith, hope and charity and how they are the three most important things in the world.  This lesson, May Christ Lift Thee Up, has had great meaning to me this week, and has caused me to stop and examine my life a little more than normal in order to see where I really stand.
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Come Follow Me Lesson Helps The Rock of Our Redeemer Helaman 1-6

The Rock of our Redeemer Helaman 1-6

I love the message that Mormon shares about building our foundation upon the rock of our redeemer. I need to be consistent in my scripture study, prayer, and personal worship.  I need to nurture my testimony and my relationship with the Savior every single day.
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Look to God and Live Come Follow Me Lesson Helps

Look to God and Live Alma 36-38

Alma's words from these chapters give me back the hope that I have been struggling to hold onto.  Not that the world is going to go back to the way it used to be, but that there are good things to come.  I can look to God and live...and not just the expected "next life" but in this life right now.
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Jesus Christ will come to redeem His people lesson helps

Alma 8-12 Jesus Christ Will Come to Redeem His People

I love the story of Amulek!  Maybe it's because I can relate to him in a lot of ways.He was basically a good man who knew the truth but didn't act on it like he knew he should have. It's interesting to note that one very spiritual experience changed Amulek and from that time forward, he was ready to do what the Lord needed him to do. As much as I want to be like Alma, I learn a lot from Amulek.
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