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Emergency Preparedness Binder

Emergency Preparedness: How to Get Started on a Grab and Go Binder

A Grab and Go Binder is one of the most important things you can do to elevate your emergency preparedness so that you're ready if you need to evacuate your home. A lot of people know they should do this, but have no idea how to get started. Here is my list of what you need and how to get going.
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15 lists to keep in your planner

15 Lists to Keep in your Planner to be more Organized

Planners seem to be making a big comeback these days, and it's one of those trends that I am really glad to see revived! Whether you use a bullet journal or a planner, here are 15 lists to keep in your planner to help you keep yourself organized
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Planners vs bullet journals

Planner vs Bullet Journal--Which One is Right for You?

Right now, I am a planner girl.  Give me paper and pens of all colors and I'm a happy girl.  But I also happen to have a bullet journal. And I think both of them have their pros and cons depending on what type of person you are.
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