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General Conference Challenge

Getting the most out of General Conference

A General Conference Challenge is a chance to remind yourself what you were taught and how you felt during the last Conference. It reinvigorates those feelings that you felt when you listened the first time, the things you planned to do, and the commitment you felt to do them. 
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Fun Family Tradition General Conference Crepes

A Fun Family Tradition: Conference Crepes!

One of my favorite things about Fall is the fun family traditions that come with the start of the holiday season. And that includes the weekend of General Conference! A great way to help your family pay attention to conference is by incorporating a fun family tradition to kick off the weekend!
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Kids Pay attention to General Conference

Tips to Get Your Kids to Pay Attention to Conference

Paying attention to General Conference can be challenging under the best of circumstances, let alone when you have kids. But getting your kids to pay attention to General Conference can be even harder. These days I feel like it's more important than ever to foster a love of listening to the prophet when he speaks.
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