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Primary Activities Journals

Primary Activities Journals--A Craft All The Girls Will Love

Being a primary activities leader can be such a fun and rewarding calling. If you're looking for a great activity, these journals are something the girls will love.
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Book of Mormon Study Companion for kids

Book of Mormon Study Companion for kids

Knowing how to help kids study the Book of Mormon and get the most out of the Come Follow Me lessons can be difficult and stressful. Use these fun workbooks to help kids learn how to study the scriptures, ponder on the lessons, and get the most out of their study time with minimal work for you!
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Kids Pay attention to General Conference

Tips to Get Your Kids to Pay Attention to Conference

Paying attention to General Conference can be challenging under the best of circumstances, let alone when you have kids. But getting your kids to pay attention to General Conference can be even harder. These days I feel like it's more important than ever to foster a love of listening to the prophet when he speaks.
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Helping kids learn the Come Follow Me lessons

Helping Kids Learn the Come Follow Me lessons

It can be hard to be consistent when it comes to helping kids learn the Come Follow Me lessons.  My goals to help parents include making things fun for kids while keeping them simple and easy to carry out for parents.
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Get Back on Track with Come Follow Me Study

Tips to Keep Your Family Engaged in Come Follow Me

Keeping your family engaged in Come Follow Me week after week can be rough. Here is a list of tips to keep your family engaged while you study the Come Follow Me lesson each week. Start small, keep it simple, plan ahead, and remember kids love hands on activities!
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What's in my purse Activity Days activity

Preparing for Young Womens--"What's in My Purse?"

I think the Preparing for Young Womens activities for Primary Activities are my favorite. Especially when you are working with the girls that are just about to graduate from Primary and move on.  You can see the excitement in their eyes and the day always comes when you can tell they are ready for it!
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Easy DIY Journal from a composition book

Love journals? The Easiest DIY Journal you'll ever make!

If you're going to write in a journal, first you have to have one, right?  There's definitely no shortage of tutorials out there to turn a composition book into a cute journal, but I'm gonna promise you right here that this is the easiest journal you'll ever do.
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