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Ye Shall Be Witnesses Unto Me

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps: Ye Shall Be Witnesses Unto Me

As I've been studying the New Testament up to this point, I have been using a really great book that I have talked about before.  While the book deals with the Savior's mortal life and ministry, and we've now moved into Acts, I still think it's worth reading.  There is a lot of information for teachers and learners
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Continue Ye in My Love

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps: Continue Ye in My Love

Need some additional Come Follow Me study materials?  I have created the Come Follow Me Challenge cards that go with each lesson and they are sent out each week!  There is also a set for kids. If you'd like to receive them each Sunday night, be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter!
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Scripture Journal Why You should keep one

A Scripture Journal: What is it? and why you should be keeping one

A scripture journal is the recordings of the things you read, the lessons you learn, the revelation you receive, and your personal testimony about important gospel principles. The BEST thing about scripture journals is that they are as personal as your study!  It doesn't matter, because you won't be graded, judged or scoffed at no matter what you choose to do! 
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Come Follow Me Study Helps

Come Follow Me Study Helps: The Son of Man Shall Come

If you're struggling with a trial, it gets even harder.  You start to concentrate on the giant disappointment and miss the tender mercies that have been there all along, but slid right by because you stopped looking.  I've certainly had those moments, and I'm sure you have too.
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Come Follow Me Ideas to get you started

Come Follow Me: 5 Ideas to Get You Started

If you find yourself unsure how to proceed with the Come Follow Me program, it's important that you develop a system and a plan.  These 5 ideas to get you started will help, and if you're just finding yourself losing motivation, they can help get you going again.
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12 Tips to Get the Most From Your Scripture Study

12 Tips to Get the Most From Your Scripture Study

Apparently, reading the scriptures while laying in bed dozing off and having the book hit you in the nose repeatedly to remind you that you aren’t done yet is NOT the way to go.  We can get so much from our daily scripture study if we learn how to do it properly!  So here are 12 steps I have taken to improve my scripture study.
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